About Us

Our Story

After years of following their own paths, 3 childhood friends came together for a proper night out, they thought...

Why not turn our old horse trailer into a mobile bar and fill it with spirits made of all natural ingredients.  

After much research and experimentation, The Drunken Horse Gin was born.

The Quest for the Perfect Gin

After a proper night of out in the city of Antwerp, we looked over at our old horse trailer and thought.......”Why Not?”

Why not turn that old horse trailer into a bar and make our own spirits?

What a great idea! There’s only one problem. We knew nothing about creating any spirit, let alone a premium gin.

We decided to travel to Portobello Road in London to learn the basics of a London Dry Gin and the story begins....

The Pivotal Moment

By accident we met a Dutch engineer who had the idea to make his own still.

He wondered:"Why are there so many people distilling gin with stills which have the same technology as 200 years ago?"

He decided to make his own still and as we trusted him, we bought his still.

The Recipe

We started experimenting with the still to create our own recipe.We wanted to create a citric gin with a peppery finish.

So we started off with the fresh peels of pink grapefruit, lime and lemongrass.

Next to that we added cardamom and coriander seeds (no leaves) to add some earthy notes.

We had created a super-smooth citric gin but it needed some body.

We learned in London that you could use peppers to achieve this result.

The Missing Ingredient

In our search of the ideal mix of peppers,
we found a small little pepper which grows only on the hillsides of the Himalayas:
The Timut Pepper.

This curious little pepper had citric hints like grapefruit, lime, passion fruit and jasmine.Together with two other peppers we added the Timut to our distillation andThe Drunken Horse gin was born.


With our medal in the pocket, we decided to visit restaurant "The Jane" in Antwerp, a two-Michelin star restaurant. The sommelier tasted our gin and told us we created a gin with three flavor waves: citric, earth and spicy and thanks to the Timut pepper the spicy wave connects to the citric wave. He bought 60 bottles. This made us realize we needed to do more with this. Our goal is to let everybody in this world try at least one time our beloved gin.

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