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Maison Degand Limited Edition

Immerse yourself in the world of classical elegance and craftsmanship with Maison Degand's Limited Edition Luxury Gift Box.

This exclusive release features the exquisite Drunken Horse Gin, and a selection of luxury items from our latest collection, including the exclusive Drunken Horse Gin.

Founded in 1983 by Pierre Degand, the brand has been a beacon of luxury fashion.



Coming from the freshly peeled zests of grapefruit, lime and lemongrass.


A soft feeling in the middle of the tongue thanks to the cardamom and coriander.


The Nepalese Timut, one of the only citric peppers in the world, gives body to our gin and brings you back to the citrus of the first wave.

50cl Bottle of Drunken Horse Gin

The Drunken Horse Craft Super-Premium gin is distilled using a 21st century still in Vremde, Belgium with a unique recipe that creates a gin with 3 flavour waves: Citric, Earth and Spicy.Thanks to the citric notes of the Nepalese Timut pepper, the citrus flavours of the pink grapefruit, lime and lemongrass are prolonged into a very smooth and long-lasting flavour sensation.


50 cl

of Alcohol



Gentlemen's Craft

The Degand Tie - Knitted Silk With Embroidered Dot Square Cut

This elegant tie is made from high-quality silk and features a knitted texture, adding a unique tactile aspect to its design.

It's adorned with an embroidered dot pattern, which provides a subtle yet sophisticated touch.

The tie's square cut lends it a modern and stylish look. Notably, a tie of this design has been worn by Stromae, a Belgian musician renowned for his distinctive and fashionable style. This association enhances the tie's appeal, making it not just a stylish accessory, but also a piece with a connection to a well-known fashion icon.

Two DH Boerekes Style Glasses

These are specialized gin glasses, branded with the distinctive DH logo, signifying their connection to the Drunken Horse Gin brand. These glasses are designed specifically for enjoying gin, likely with a shape that enhances the botanical aromas and flavors of the gin.

The use of branded glasses not only adds a touch of elegance to the gin-drinking experience but also serves as a reminder of the unique identity of the Drunken Horse Gin. These glasses represent a fusion of style and function, perfect for savoring the complex notes of the gin in a sophisticated manner.

DH Timut Pepper Mill

This is an intriguing addition to the gift set. Timut pepper, known for its grapefruit-like aroma and flavor, is a Nepalese pepper that's often used in gourmet cooking. Including a pepper mill specifically for Timut pepper suggests a recommended pairing with the gin, possibly to be used in cocktails or as a garnish. This element adds a gourmet, experiential touch to the gift set, inviting the receiver to experiment with flavors and gin mixology.

The Drunken Horse Gin Founders Club

For a Limited Time , we are offering Gin Aficionados  the opportunity to become an important part of our brand’s heritage. In exchange we will offer these special members a lifetime ability to acquire our products at a significant discount.

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