The DH 21St Century Still

Our 21st century still creates a unique, super-smooth craft gin. Created by a Dutch engineer, this stainless steel still has a column full of little springs which creates a constant reflux and gives birth to a unique and smooth flavour palate.

We offer our guests the opportunity to see our very own distillers in action, whilst relaxing and enjoying a refreshing drink at our wonderful Drunken Horse Gin Bar


Legacy of craftsmanship

The origin of gin can be traced back to Belgium, with trade going back to medieval times and the first recipe published over 500 years ago.

In keeping with that legacy, Drunken Horse has revived this age old tradition and enhanced it with modern science creating the best of the old and new worlds.

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The constant reflux created by the thousand springs in our column creates a super smooth and refined gin

Benoît Verbeeck

Master distiller

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Thanks to our 21th century still, we make a 21st century gin.

Benoît Verbeeck

Master distiller


The Still

Thanks to the constant reflux created by
more than 1000 springs in the column of
our “kettle” we obtain a beautiful,
smooth and round flavour that
made our gin famous.
Cold front
From here we collect our final product.
We distill all 12 botanicals at the
same time, also known as the London
Dry Gin method.
The Drunken Horse Gin is served

at these leading hotels & premium lounges

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