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Benefit from a number of opportunities, including discounts, access to exclusive items, live and online events and be the first to know about new product launches.

Gallop Into A World of Exclusivity and Sophistication

Are you ready to elevate your passion for gin to the next level?

The Drunken Horse Gin Founders Club is inviting you to join a realm of exclusivity and sophistication.

Why Join?

A Collector's Dream:
This isn't just a collection of products; it's a Limited Edition masterpiece in each box. Each edition is crafted for luxury, exclusivity, and distinctiveness.

Beyond the Bottle: With the Drunken Horse Gin Founders Club membership, you're not just buying gin; you're acquiring a piece of our brand's history and legacy.

ONLY €299

.Attend exclusive, members-only events.

Be the first to sample the newest creations from the Drunken Horse.

Special Edition Bottle

Members will receive a 75cl Special Edition Blue bottle of our Super Premium Gin, a true collector's piece and a symbol of refined taste.

Bespoke Cocktail Kit

Enjoy a custom, limited-edition cocktail kit, specially designed to enhance the gin experience.

Unique Recipe Collection

Gain exclusive access to a unique collection of recipes, offering innovative ways to enjoy our gin.

Quarterly Bottle Deliveries

Members can look forward to receiving 3 additional bottles every quarter, directly from the distillery.

Complimentary Shipping

Benefit from free shipping on the membership box and all quarterly deliveries, adding considerable value to the membership.

Exclusive Online Discount

Members enjoy a 25% discount in our online store, ideal for exploring our wide range of exquisite products.

Pre-Sale Opportunities for New Releases

Get first dibs on all new and limited edition bottles, ensuring members are among the first to experience our latest creations.

Invitations to Exclusive Events

Receive special invitations to members-only events, offering unique experiences and networking opportunities with fellow gin enthusiasts.

First Access to New Spirits

Enjoy the privilege of being the first to try all new spirits crafted by the Drunken Horse.

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