The Swiss Horse

"The Swiss Horse" is a cocktail that artfully blends the bold and refined flavors of Drunken Horse Gin with a carefully curated selection of ingredients to create a truly unique and delightful drinking experience. This cocktail is a nod to the adventurous spirit, combining the crispness of apple, the tang of lime, the sweetness of orgeat syrup, and the mysterious depth of absinth. It's a drink that promises to take your taste buds on an exhilarating journey, perfect for those who love to explore the uncharted territories of flavor

How to Prepare The Swiss Horse:


  • 4cl Drunken Horse Gin
  • 1cl Absinth
  • 1.5cl Orgeat Syrup
  • 1.5cl Lime Juice
  • 2.5cl Cold Apple Juice


  1. Mix the Base: In a cocktail shaker, combine 4cl of Drunken Horse Gin with 1cl of absinth. The gin’s citrusy notes beautifully contrast with the anise-flavored complexity of absinth.
  2. Sweet and Tangy Addition: Add 1.5cl of orgeat syrup for a sweet, nutty flavor and 1.5cl of lime juice for a refreshing citrus tang.
  3. Complete with Apple: Pour in 2.5cl of cold apple juice, adding a crisp and fruity dimension that perfectly balances the cocktail.
  4. Shake it Up: Fill the shaker with ice and shake vigorously. This not only chills the drink but also helps to blend the flavors seamlessly.
  5. Strain and Serve: Strain the mixture into a chilled glass. The fine straining ensures a smooth texture without any ice chips.
  6. Garnish: Optionally, garnish with a slice of apple or a twist of lime peel to enhance the visual appeal and add a subtle aroma.
  7. Enjoy: Relish the layered flavors of The Swiss Horse, a cocktail that offers a sophisticated and enigmatic taste experience, reflective of its namesake.

Replacement Ingredients:

  • Absinth Substitute: If you're looking for an alternative to absinth, consider using Pernod or any other anise-flavored liqueur. These alternatives offer a similar licorice taste without the intensity of absinth.
  • Orgeat Syrup Substitute: For a non-alcoholic or easier-to-find replacement for orgeat syrup, you can use almond syrup or even make a simple syrup infused with a drop of almond extract. This will give you a similar sweet and nutty flavor profile.

"The Swiss Horse" is an ideal cocktail for those who appreciate a complex and flavor-rich drink. Whether for a special occasion or a casual get-together, this cocktail is sure to impress and delight your guests. Enjoy the sophisticated blend of The Swiss Horse!

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