A Gastronomic Craft Gin
Creates the Perfect GIN TONIC

The Drunken Horse Gin is a super-premium craft gin distilled using a 21st century still in Vremde, Belgium.

Our unique recipe creates a gin with 3 flavour waves: citric, earth and spicy.

The Nepalese Timut pepper with its citric notes connects the spicy wave with the first, citric wave, resulting in a long-lasting citric aftertaste.

Made with a 21st century still, The Drunken Horse Gin is so smooth that gin purists love to drink it on the rocks.

We, however, prefer to mix it with tonic or enjoy it in a dry martini.


Coming from the freshly peeled zests of grapefruit, lime and lemongrass.


A soft feeling in the middle of the tongue thanks to the cardamom and coriander.


The Nepalese Timut, one of the only citric peppers in the world, gives body to our gin and brings you back to the citrus of the first wave.

Our gin appeals to both mixologists and gin lovers alike. The flavour of the botanicals cuts through the mix whilst keeping the smoothness and warmth.

For a purists, a gin must be able to stand alone as a "Sipping" Gin.

The 'super-premium' concept is about more than just the desirability or rarity of an object, but also how it's perceived by those who appreciate its quality and the company it keeps.

The Drunken Horse Gin has been recommended by top sommeliers,
garnered global recognition at award competitions and
is served at the finest Michelin rated restaurants.

The resurgence of craftsmanship and quality vs. the globalisation of spirits has led discerning
connoisseurs to seek brands such as Drunken Horse. For us the most important measure
of a "Super Premium Gin" is that gin lovers are willing to serve our
labour of love to their family and friends.

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Fun Facts about the Timut Pepper

The Timut Pepper is an ideal condiment especially fish such as salmon or tuna. With its citric notes it is used to spice up salads or guacamole. Top chefs also like to use the Timut pepper in desserts.

The Timut Pepper brings a brilliant fragrance to all of your dishes and can be crushed, ground, grilled or infused.

Locals in the Himalayas have been using Timut Pepper for centuries, celebrating the spice for its taste, analgesic impact on the mouth and tongue, and other medicinal effects.

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